Long Beach has many attractions, but there is no doubt these two are a must.

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Journey to the past in Long Beach

Fancy a walk along the Queen Mary?

Long Beach, less than 40 kilometres from Los Angeles, has two main attractions. The first of these is the Queen Mary Seaport, which takes its name from the luxurious trans-atlantic liner which has rested on these shores since 1975. The liner is vast, weighing in at more than 50,000 tons. It started sailing the seas way back in 1934. It remained functional for over three decades, offering exclusive cruises and transporting US troops when the country decided to intervene in the Second World War. Several guided tours are available to see the inside, with all its lights and shadows. It also holds 365 luxury bunkers which currently make up the Queen Mary Hotel (www.queenmary.com), and other rooms which saw European immigrants travel to the United States in the first half of the 20th century. There is also space for restaurants and shops, and you can access different themed environments, though the ticket price for these is somewhat higher. Long Beach's other standout attraction is The Passport (www.lbtransit.com/services/passport.aspx), a free bus which runs through the city centre, the streets of which have seen complete renovation in recent times.

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