If you're curious about how the richest live, drop into Malibu.

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Malibu Boardwalk

Malibu for your eyes only.

Living in Malibu is a luxury within reach of only an elite few, as demonstrated in the 1959 film ‘Gidget’, starring Sandra Dee and James Darren. Fortunately, anyone can wander the streets of this exclusive enclave of the Californian coast, whose origins date back to the ‘20s, when a rich heiress had to sell part of her land to continue enjoying her extravagant lifestyle. It is one of the most peaceful areas of this part of America, which is why it is also home to people as famous as Barbara Streisand and many other celebrities. Amongst its main attractions is Zuma Beach, the biggest beach in the whole of Los Angeles County, always full of swimmers and surfers. Ashore, don’t miss the chance to take a walk along Malibu Road, a street parallel to the ocean which has one of the highest concentrations of artists and multimillionaires per square metre. The most well-known building that can be viewed here (for a fee) is Adamson House (www.adamsonhouse.org), located at 23200 Pacific Coast Highway.

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