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From Asia to Los Angeles.

The streets of Little Tokyo are home to some of America's best Japanese restaurants. One of the most famous is the Daikokuya (, situated on 317 East First Street. Its speciality is ramen, a soup which originated in china, and later arrived in Japan, where it underwent a change or two. Basically, it consists of pasta seasoned in soya sauce and covered with boiled pork, as well as bamboo sprouts, fish paste, and vegetables. Such is its reputation that it is not uncommon to see long queues of people outside, waiting their turn. Another interesting option for fans of Asian cuisine is the Monsoon Cafe (, situated on 1212 Third Street Promenade, in Santa Mónica. Two large Buddhist figures guard the entrance to this restaurant, which sits in a large space which used to be a car rental centre. The food it offers is a fusion of different culinary traditions, both Asian and European, with meat and shellfish among its specialities. The establishment's reputation grew exponentially during the 90s, when the renowned Japanese chef Hisashi Yoshira was in charge of the kitchen.

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