The great cinema studios

You’re in the city of cinema, so a visit to its studios can’t be missed.

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The great cinema studios

Cinema from the inside.

If Hollywood is the Mecca of cinema, the studios of its biggest producers are its most representative mosques. Fun tours are available for those who want to see them, where the secrets of their special effects are revealed. One that you should see is Paramount Studios (, found on 5555 Melrose Avenue. Inaugurated in 1914, they are Hollywood's oldest studios and also the only ones that remained in this part of the city. Bookings can be made over the phone to see them for two unforgettable hours. Another good option, though also one of the most expensive, is a visit to Universal Studios (, found on 100 Universal City Plaza. Guided tours on a tram-type vehicle are offered every day of the week, up to 9 pm in summer, and 6 pm the rest of the week. Jaws and King Kong are two of its main attractions, as well as the opportunity to walk through their facilities. Even though many other options are available, such as Walt Disney or Sony Pictures, the Warner Bros studios ( are not to be missed, found on 3400 Riverside Drive in Burbank. We do advise you to buy tickets in advance and get to the studios really early, as it tends to get really busy from midday.

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