Well-preserved artifacts in halls hidden under the mountain

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Gallo-Roman Museum

Inherited from our ancestors

Alongside the celebrated ancient Roman amphitheatre, this well designed and well curated modern facility exhibits the most outstanding artifacts left by the Roman Empire in the city they called Lugdunum. They include objects and tools from everyday life, as well as ceramics and some interesting artworks, many in superb condition and all representing a timeline from prehistory up to the 7th century AD. Outstanding items worth mentioning are a series of spectacular polychrome mosaics; the sarcophagus of the triumph of Bacchus; and especially the Tabla Claudiana, reproducing a speech by the emperor Claudius. Interestingly, in order to disturb the archaological site as little as possible, the museum is built practically hidden into the side of Fourvière Hill. Archaeology and history buffs will be in Olympus!

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