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Lyon City Hall

An imposing city hall

Few buildings in the capital are as striking as its famous city hall. Located on the Place de la Comédie, the Hôtel de Ville was built in 1646 following architect Simon Maupin's plans, although it has undergone several modifications up to the present day; for example, it had to be rebuilt in 1674 after a fire, and renovations were carried out during the Second French Empire. Its façade is a spectacular example of richly decorated Baroque, especially impressive when it is all lit up at night. The best part, naturally, is inside: high ceilings crowned by chandeliers, beautiful tapestries, golden décor throughout and rooms that will make you swoon. You can request guided tours, but reservations are not made at the city hall itself; you'll have to go to the tourist office. A must-not-miss!

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