Lively cafés that will delight you, both indoors and streetside.

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The Croix Rousse Neighbourhood

Incomparably bohemian

The eponymous neighbourhood on Croix-Rousse hill epitomises in many ways the charm of Lyon. Strolling its narrow streets is a memorable experience, as they exude a unique character and authenticity, especially connected with the historical silk trade. It's especially noted for its many traboules, passageways and patios between buildings (there's even a tour specifically of these singular structures), as well as a wide range of restaurants, including many of the city's best known. It's delightful to spend an afternoon in its cafés, or an evening dining out here. The symbol of the neighbourhood is the Gros Caillou (Big Rock), a huge chunk of quartzite that was transported by glaciers from the Alps and discovered during the 19th-century excavation of tunnels for a funicular.

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