A well-deserved homage to Guignol, the French marionette par excellence.

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The Little Fantastic Museum of Guignol

Marionette heaven

Right alongside the history museum, part of the cultural complex known as the Musées Gadagne, this is another spot that will please the whole family. Guignol is an art form which has always been associated with Lyon (in fact, it takes its name from the marionette character invented here in the early 19th century - now an indelible part of French culture, appreciated both by children as well as adults for the sly repartée). So a marionette museum in Lyon is eminently fitting, and here you'll find more than 2,000 of them from various countries and made of various materials - cloth, wood, leather, and more. There are also myriad depictions of Guignol stories, including his wife Madelon, his traditional hat and head kerchief, and more.

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