You will be dazzled by its decoration and colours as well as it's history

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Bab Agnaou Gate

Enter the Medina through the most beautiful gate

Deemed one of the most important and beautiful works of Almohad art in the world, this imposing monument is one of the 19 gates that allow entry into the Marrakesh Medina. A striking collection of flowers and arches on blue-tinged ochre stone offers the perfect counterpoint to the red of its surrounding walls. The beauty of the gate acts as a precursor to the colour and the contrasts you will encounter when you walk under its arch and delve into the heart of the old city, the Medina. Perhaps you will feel shivers down your spine when you discover it for the first time, if you remember that, in the past, Bab Agnaou Gate served as a place to hang the heads of criminals and thugs who were executed for sullying the life in the city.

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