It was built with the objective to be the most impressive palace of all time

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Bahia Palace

Lose yourself in its patios and gardens

While the spectacular nature of Marrakesh does not lie as much in its buildings and monuments as in its cultural and commercial wealth that it oozes, what is certain is that this palace is considered one of the city's most interesting architectural works. Its eight hectares and 150 rooms, as well as numerous patios and gardens, act as an introduction to this building designed in the 19th century whose name means "brilliance". Its construction was commissioned by the grand vizier of the sultan Abdelaziz Si Moussa and would eventually be left to Abu Bou Ahmed who endowed the palace with its maximum splendour. One of its most intriguing rooms is the harem of the 4 wives and the 24 concubines of Abu Bou Ahmed. Just do not be surprised by the current state of the Bahia Palace as all its rooms have been left empty; they were totally plundered after the death of the vizier. Luckily, the decorative beauty of its ceilings have been preserved. The admission fee is around 10 dirhams.

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