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Camel riding

A fun experience for all ages

One of the most exotic experiences that Marrakesh offers is the chance to discover the city astride a peaceful camel. Note that this animal was traditionally used by the city's inhabitants as the usual method of transport. If this appeals to you, just go to the Palmeraie (by taxi or carriage) and negotiate the ride with one of the camel drivers found there. And don't forget to haggle: after some negotiating, the price reached should be roughly 100 dirhams per head, which is about 10 euros. If, on the contrary, you opt for a guided tour with specialised instructors, that includes all the necessary equipment to enjoy a walk along stone paths, pools, downhill slopes, with unrivalled panoramic views in the heart of the Marrakesh Palmeraie, you can book a ride from companies such as www.clickexcursions.es, www.amazighmarruecos.com/es/excursiones-desde-marrakech.html or www.marrakech-marruecos.com at a price of about 25 euros.

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