The closest you can get to a shopping centre, but here everything is handmade

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Ensemble Artisanal

The essence of artisanship

As its name indicates, this multi-purpose space is all about handmade with various groups of professions selling their wares. This is the closest you will get to a conventional shopping centre in the city. It is located on avenue Mohamed V where you will find a plethora of multicoloured handmade leather, wood and crystal handmade goods as well as musical instruments, decorative pieces for the home, jewellery and all forms of utensils for traditional Moroccan cooking. In the Ensemble Artisanal, you can escape from the hullabaloo of the Marrakesh markets and enjoy a more relaxing, haggle-free shopping experience although note that in the souks, if you're a good negotiator, you will get more reasonable prices.

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