Such is the beauty of Essaouira that has enamoured figures such as Orson Welles and Jimmy Hendrix.

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Excursion to Essaouira

Do you know the pearl of the Atlantic?

Popularly known as the "Pearl of the Atlantic", Essaouira is a cultural and architectural landmark on the Moroccan coast. The villa is well known in terms of its wealth in terms of art, music, painting and handicrafts. If you intend to take home a souvenir, it's worth knowing that there are prized craftspeople working with cedar wood in the region. Romans, Portuguese, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Arabs and Berbers were some of its former inhabitants. This characteristic endows Essaouira's monuments with a mestizo, colourful flavour. So there's a very good reason why its Medina was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Still, its great splendour comes from the celebration of the Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival that, at the end of June, attracts thousands of visitors that bring the city to life.

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