Do not forget to make a reservation if you don't want to miss sunset its terrace

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Gastro MK, in Maison MK

A Moroccan-French fusion restaurant that caters to every budget

Stylish and refined, this eatery has succeeded in blending Moroccan and French cuisines like no other. At midday it serves lunch on the terrace at around 15 euros per dish with options such as smoked salmon, marinated kebabs, battered red mullet or mint pannacotta. However, what makes a visit to Gastro MK really worthwhile is savouring its tasting menu at nightfall. The banquet consists of canapés, cream of broccoli soup with blue cheese, chicken with almonds accompanied by quail eggs, pumpkin mash and apricot sauce, duck leg confit with nuts, potatoes, crunchy carrot and foie gras sauce, iced mint and carrot and apple tart with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. What about the price? 55 euros per head. Make sure you make a reserve ahead! This is because its rooftop terrace only admits 10 people per night. Find out more on

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