Known as the European neighbourhood, this is proof of Moroccan modernity

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Go out in the Guéliz area

The new part of the city where you can go beyond the traditional

You should not forget that, despite being a Muslim country, Morocco has a fairly tolerant attitude towards alcohol consumption. In Marrakesh, the bars in tourist areas normally extend their opening hours well into the night and it is not difficult to find alcoholic beverages in different areas, but mainly in the new city. Local wine and beer have reduced prices, while imported brands are more expensive. If night time comes around and you find yourself in the Guéliz neighbourhood, or more specifically in the Abdel Moumen ben Ali square or the avenue Mohammed V, you're in the right place for a western-style night on the tiles. The bulk of the city's most modern bars and clubs are found in both these areas, including those found within luxury hotels, that welcome a large crowd of both foreign tourists and locals. The dress code is usually informal and the price is rather high in comparison to the country's cost of living.

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