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Haggling in the souks

Soak up the most fun form of shopping in Marrakesh

Speaking about shopping in a city like Marrakesh and not mentioning its souks would almost be sacrilege. In the north of Djemaa El Fna square you will find the city's most famous and traditional markets. They are organised according to profession. So, in each of its parts, you can treat yourself to one form of item or another: jewellery, food, spices, leather goods, fabric, plants and medicinal preparations, all forms of exotic objects and, of course, some rare items. Even if you don't plan on buying anything, you should not miss the chance to lose yourself in this fascinating world of labyrinthine, snaking alleyways. The Soul Smarine street divides the souk in half and is covered to provide sun protection. If you're interested in spices, metal objects and dyed fabrics, visit the Attarin Souk. However, if you're after leather items, rugs, eastern objects at reduced prices and traditional Moroccan dresses, scour the Souk Al-Kabir. A good way to avoid getting lost in the tumult is to hire a guide first.

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