Hiking, hunting, fishing or raftingin the High Atlas mountains

If you have some extra time on your hands, don't hesitate to partake in some activities in the Toubkal mountain

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Hiking, hunting, fishing or raftingin the High Atlas mountains

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The Atlas Mountain Range that separates the Sahara Desert from the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean covers around 2400 kilometres. One of the main massifs in the Moroccan Atlas range is the High Atlas, near to Marrakesh whose mountain Toubkal has the privilege of being the highest point in the north of Africa. If you have many days to visit the "Red City" and its surroundings and you fancy some adventure and extreme adventures, many agencies offer the chance to delve into the stunning massif and practise all kinds of activities, whether this be trekking, hunting, fishing,rafting, trails by quads or bicycle.... Some good companies than can take care of your adventure trip, including personalised trips, are www.omeyaaventura.com, www.aalma.es or www.trekkingtoubkal.com, among others.

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