Located in the ancient Mnebbi Palace, it is cherished not only for its art, but also for the impressive lamp in its courtyard.

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Marrakesh Museum

One of the most beautiful museums

You will find it inside the ancient Mnebbi Palace. Its construction dates back to the late 19th century and was driven by the Grand Vizier of Sultan Mulay Mehdi Hassan. Its permanent collection features copper objects, vestments, Berber jewels and traditional furniture. Since 1995, it has been organising temporary exhibitions focusing on contemporary art or the rich heritage of the country. It also works as a venue for the various cultural activities that are celebrated in the city, such as cinema, theatre, dance, music etc. It is a stunning building set on a plot of 2000 square metres and has the appearance of a majestic, traditionally Moorish-style house. Its central courtyard is also a feast for the eyes. The Marrakesh Museum is today funded and managed by the Omar Benjelloun Foundation, a respected Moroccan patron and collector, who is responsible for its rehabilitation. It is located next to the Ben Youssef Madrasa. Find out more at www.museedemarrakech.ma.

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