Be enthralled by its 100,000 + palm trees and admire its unattainable villas and hotels

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Marrakesh Palmeraie

An idyllic place for taking a camel or carriage ride

This is one of Marrakesh's most breathtaking landscapes. The Palmeraie is a stunning natural area that originally covered 13,000 hectares; today its area has been reduced to almost half of this. Around 150,000 date palms will welcome you. Its horizon is dominated by the peaks of the High Atlas mountains and has recently become a hotbed for luxury hotels, gold courses and dream-like villas with prices only attainable by the ultra-rich. The most common modes of transport to enjoy a bucolic ride through the Palmeraie are taxi, horse-drawn carriage or camel. As you may imagine, a sunset visit is highly recommended.

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