It is said that its central building was the place frequented by Sultans for amorous encounters

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Menara Gardens

Impressive gardens that surround an equally spectacular lake

The Menara Gardens were built in the 12th century by the Almohad dynasty. They are located to the west of the city and possess an Atlas Mountains backdrop. The view of its pond which reflects an elegant 16th century Saadi pavilion is one of the most used images to symbolise the beauty of the "Red City". The name Menara refers to the small green pyramid that crowns the pavilion. A large expanse of orchards and olive groves surround the complex, whose irrigation system functions thanks to a large central pond supplied by melt water from the mountain. Legend has it that the Sultans used the pavilion and gardens as a romantic meeting place by Sultans. And romanticism is present until dusk when one of the city's most impressive sunsets can be observed. The gardens are found on avenue de Menara in Hivernage and reaching them by foot from Place Djeema El Fna will take around one hour. However, the quicker option of a taxi or a horse-drawn carriage is always available.

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