It is the main square in Morocco, sheltered by the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque where you can enjoy numerous activities and shows

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Place Djemaa El Fna

Snake charmers, dancers and much more

An essential spot to w+L231itness everyday Marrakesh life, this lively square, the epicentre of the Medina, is located very close to the Koutoubia Mosque. Various hypotheses surround its name, such as the one that means "assembly of annihilation" as it was a place where criminals were executed. There is also the theory that its meaning is "assembly" but in its darkest and macabre sense, since here the severed heads of criminals were displayed, as if a "meeting" were taking place. Finally, some say that its name could be referring to the "place of the destroyed mosque", in reference to an Almoravid construction that must have existed here. Be that as it may, the hustle and bustle is today the main attraction of this commercial, cultural and recreational hub, surrounded on every side, one of which is covered by tone of the city's famous souks. It is edged with cafés and picturesque restaurants with highly recommended terraces. Nothing in the world should allow you to miss a visit to the Place Djemaa El Fna at nightfall, when snake charmers, dancers, musicians, acrobats, street vendors, letter-writers and hustlers bring colour, flavour, zest and fun to the square. If you're a film buff, you will be interested to know that Alfred Hitchcock himself filmed several scenes for his film The Man Who Knew Too Much.

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