Although today only ruins remain, it was one of the most beautiful palaces adorned with gold, turquoise and crystal.

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The Badi Palace

The ancient wonder of the Muslim world

Its name, which can be translated as "the incomparable" is proof that this ancient building was once one of great beauty. It was considered in its time as one of the most attractive palaces in the entire world. Built in 1578 by King Al Mansour, it boasts a whopping 360 rooms which, in the past, were decorated with marble, gold, ivory, onyx, cedar wood and semi-precious stones. This visual feast continues with a large central courtyard with gardens, ponds and fountains. Unfortunately in 1686, the Alawite Sultan Moulay Ismael moved the country's capital to Meknes and stripped the palace of all of its grandeur. Now all that remains are ruins and adobe walls (curiously crowned with enormous stalk's nests). If you visit Marrakesh in June you will be pleased to find that the splendour of the Badi Palace has returned for two weeks thanks to the National Popular Arts Festival celebrated here.

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