Organised according to its geography, the halls in this museum will bring you a step closer to the country's culture.

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The Maison Tiskiwin Museum

If you're a Moroccan art aficionado, this place is simply unmissable.

It is also known as the Bert Flint Museum. Flint was a Dutch historian, anthropologist and collector who was passionate about rural Moroccan art. In his palatial Marrakesh home is a private, Moorish-style exhibition room housing a magnificent collection of clothes, carpets, ceramics, musical instruments, furniture and Berber fabrics. It focuses on the products and handmade furnishings most typical to each one of the country's regions, mainly the Souss Valley and Sub-Saharan Africa. The building, located very close to the Bahia Palace, dates back to the early 20th century, although the museum did not function as such until 1996.

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