One of the city's most beautiful spots where the remains of the Saadi dynasty rest.

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The Saadian Tombs

A history-filled mausoleum

This is one of the most popular monuments receiving some 10 million tourists who visit Morocco each year. The origins of the Saadian Tombs date back to the time of the Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur in the late 16th century. However, they were not discovered by our civilisation until 1917. The main mausoleum houses the remains of 66 members of the Saadi dynasty, including those of Ahmad al-Mansur and his family. In this beautiful three-roomed building, the highlight is the famous twelve-column room that contains the tomb of Ahmad al-Mansur's tomb, whose stele is embellished with cedar wood and stucco. You should not miss a visit to the outside gardens where lie over one hundred tombs decorated with mosaics where the bodies of the servants and warriors of the powerful Saadi dynasty are buried.

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