The Maghreb's largest market is a feast for the senses.

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The Souk

The "big mess" where haggling is an art form.

If a description could sum up the great bazaars of the Islamic world, it would surely be that of unparalleled exoticism. The Marrakesh Souk will succeed in arousing every single one of your five senses like no other can. Its whirlwind of scents and flavours, spices and perfumes, fabric and fruits will spark memories of A Thousand and One Nights or stories of turbaned princes, fakirs, genies hidden in magic lamps and powerful sultans. These and many other sensations will be awakened in your mind as soon as you set foot in the Souk, with an abundance of maze-like streets which emerge to the north of the famous Place Djemaa El Fna. The Souk will reveal the secrets of Moroccan trade: its culture, its products (clothes, spices, food, handicrafts and other typical items), its tricks and bargaining....Of course you have heard hundreds of times the key to avoid being swindled in Morocco when shopping, but, either way, remember that you should not pay more than a third of what the merchant initially asked. Time to negotiate!

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