The traditional are found near to the mosque in each neighbourhood, whereas the more touristy are more known as Spas.

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Visit a Hammam

Traditional or touristy, they are unmissable visits

If you would like to take in the traditions of each place, maybe you should find space in your agenda to visit an Arabic Hammam. These spaces have been used for centuries where you can enjoy steam bath which not only used for preserving personal hygiene but also as a useful method of relaxation. Hammams have thus played an important role in Middle Eastern cultures as a social meeting point and a place of hygiene ritual. When taking a Turkish bath, follow these steps: first, relax in a warm room which is heated by a continuous flow of air. Then, you will go into an even hotter room. After than, take a quick dip in a cold water pool. Tras recibir un masaje, el bañista se retira finalmente al cuarto de enfriamiento, para completar el ciclo con un momento de relajación. Si la explicación ha logrado despertar tu curiosidad, apunta el nombre de algunos de los baños árabes tradicionales más famosos de la ciudad, como el Hammam Dar el-Bacha, el Hammam Bab Doukkala y el Hammam Ziani.

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