Budget permitting, of course - an afternoon aboard a yacht off the French Riviera is a special treat indeed.

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Yachting excursions

A very special indulgence.

Yachting unfortunately isn't in everyone's reach, but for a very special splurge, or a romantic surprise sail for that special someone, here's one right out of the pages of a glossy luxury lifestyle magazine. In the port town of La Ciotat, 31 kilometres (19 miles) from Marseille, an outfit called Yachting Motors puts its sleek watercraft at your disposal for an afternoon, an evening, or longer on the high seas. There are two basic types of cruises - a faster, rush through the waves aboard the Opharia (800 euros for a half day) or more relaxed, sybaritic swanning about on the Cyos (700 to 1,500 euros), the latter of which is also set up for overnighting and equipped with a wet bar.

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