Meat and potato inside some really thin pastry, accompanied by a spicy sauce. Unbeatable!

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Antioquian Pastries

Real bites of pleasure

They might look like a typical pastry but that couldn't be further from the truth. As an important part of the regional gastronomy, Antoquian pastries make up one of the most outstanding creations in this area of Colombia due to their flavour, and their shape: on the one hand, they're distinguished from the rest by a very thin layer of pastry that melts in the mouth, but they still manage to hold a generous filling this way. On the other hand, these pastries contain some ingredients with an intense aftertaste, and they're well seasoned which makes them very tasty. We're not exaggerating by saying that these pastries are real bites of pleasure. The most common filling is made up with pieces of meat and baked potato, which are ingredients that make up the tastiest mix, and besides this, once they're fried and golden on the outside, they are usually accompanied by a spicy sauce so that the contrast is even more noticeable. You'll want to try one after another.

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