A replica of a 20th-century Antioquian settlement. Beautiful!

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Nutibara Hill - Pueblito Paisa

A real journey to the past

We are talking about one of the must-visits during your trip round Medellín. Nutibara Hill is a small, eighty-metre tall mountain from where you'll have the opportunity to see beautiful views of the city thanks to its viewpoint, being a natural oasis that provides the desired contrast to the city centre. Attention please, because here comes the best part: a replica of a typical Antioquian settlement from the beginning of the 20th century was built at the top of the hill in 1977, which includes a main square; a chapel; a town hall; houses of intriguing colours, and traditional gardens. It's a piece of history which is reflected on the map just for your enjoyment, and allows you to enjoy a real journey through time of which no words can justify the beauty of the place which is surrounded by pure vegetation. This famous Pueblito Paisa is one of the most visited attractions in the capital.

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