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American Airlines Arena

The spectacle that is American basketball

Now it’s time for some sporting action. Although you probably know this already, let us remind you that Miami has three great local teams: the Miami Marlins, baseball; the Miami Dolphins, American football and, of course, the Miami Heat, basketball. The most central stadium of the three is the American Airlines Arena (in the port of Miami), where the Heat play, captained by the superstar Lebron James. Go and buy yourself a ticket for a match, you will find the atmosphere really fascinating. As well as being able to buy food and drink inside the stadium, there is also a shop selling merchandise of the local team where you can buy yourself a shirt or something else to remind you of your visit. If basketball is not your thing, another possibility is to go to one of the concerts or other events which also take place in the home of the Miami Heat. If this does not appeal, simply take a walk around outside. The stadium itself is impressive.

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