Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Wander among the different species of plants and trees and escape from the heat

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Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Do you feel like enjoying nature?

It’s true that there are botanical gardens in many cities around the world, but it’s also true that, with a gem like the Miami Botanical Gardens, a visit there is of particular interest. As its name indicates, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is found in the beach area, an area you are certain to visit, so you’ll find yourself close by on more than one occasion. As entry is free, go in and have a wander round! Miami Beach Botanical Garden was originally the 'Garden Center', an urban garden created in the early sixties which, after various coming and goings, in 1996, became what it is today. As is to be expected, visiting the garden is a relaxing, educational, colourful and extremely green experience. If you prefer to be independent and don’t want to join one of the guided walks that are available, take the opportunity simply to walk around, breathe deeply and admire the beauty of the plants. (

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