You won’t find typical American food here but what you will find is a well-managed restaurant with a very elegant menu

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Haute cuisine without leaving Miami

Would you like to go on a great culinary journey, away from hamburgers and the other classic American dishes? If the answer is yes, take a walk to the Upper East Side area and discover the elegant Michy’s. This restaurant is owned by a husband and wife and it is the wife, the famous chef Michelle Bernstein, who calls the shots in the kitchen. Michy’s is what would be called “seasonal cuisine”, as the dishes on the menu are created depending on the products that are in season. To give you an idea, they are international recipes with a personal touch, which range from tuna tartar, fish ceviche or a portion of oysters to duck confit or mushroom risotto. All of them, delicately and tastefully presented. As is their wine list. Michy’s is a great, attractive but not particularly cheap place, in short, the perfect place to treat yourself. (

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