You might think you are in Seville but you're not. You are in a hotel where you can have a drink and something to eat and stroll around the gardens.

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The Biltmore

A historic hotel

When you are walking around the Coral Gables neighbourhood, if you suddenly come across the Giralda, the famous bell tower in Seville, then have arrived at the Biltmore, an iconic hotel, whose style is inspired by the historical buildings in Seville. From its beautiful Spanish-style facade with Arabic and Italian details, rises a tower, almost 30 metres high, which bears a striking resemblance to the bell tower in Seville. This building, opened in 1926, is one of the oldest in Miami and in 1996, was designated a National Historic Landmark. Having been opened and closed several times and even used as a hospital during the Second World War, today its 150 acres are a pure delight. Stroll in the gardens among palm trees and other tropical plants, walk around the enormous swimming pool, relax on the patio and go into the majestic lobby to admire the architecture and the frescos on the ceiling. If you are not staying in the hotel, perhaps, at least, treat yourself to something in the bar or in one of the restaurants. You won't regret it. Out of interest, several celebrities, presidents of the United States and even the gangster, Al Capone have all stayed in the presidential suite. Also, a scene from the film Bad Boys starring Will Smith, was shot in this room. (

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