Buying Chocolate in Korkunov

You're bound to fall into the sweetest temptation and take a chocolate souvenir.

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Buying Chocolate in Korkunov

A very sweet moment.

If you want to take home a sweet souvenir of your trip to Russia, there's nothing better than a small box of chocolate by this legendary brand, and here you can buy single sweets, to lovely boxes or tins of sweets as gifts. Korkunov have various shops in all parts of Moscow and surrounding areas, and you'll know these by such a sweet smell that surrounds them. One of the shops is located at number 13 on the street of Bolshaya Lubyanka. In such special establishments with a vintage atmosphere and glass cabinets filled with very tasty sweets, you'll surely find your favourite chocolate among such variety. You can also try a tasty hot chocolate or some of their cakes. Delicious places!

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