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Red Square

The most famous square in the city.

Separating the Kremlin from the city's historic commercial district, Red Square is one of the most famous areas in Moscow, and in the whole world, as few places have so much significance and home to so many different stories like this magnificent place! Nowadays, it's the central meeting place for tourists who are looking for their guided excursions. The surrounding buildings were all initially made of wood, but due to many fires, the area was redeveloped and even became the main place in the city which is surrounded by large cathedrals and majestic palaces. This square has hosted military parades, the coronation of tsars, and has held all kinds of markets and ceremonies including concerts. The deep red colour of the bricks used in the surrounding buildings attract attention, but the reference to red curiously doesn't come from the colour of the buildings or the Kremlin Wall, nor even the red which is associated to communism, as it is due to the Russian word 'Красная' which means 'red' and 'beautiful'. We recommend you not to miss a thing by going round in circles with your eyes wide open, and enjoy the history!

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