Don't just settle with its impressive exterior, as its interior is just as surprising.

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The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Let yourself be dazzled by its domes.

At a few minutes walk from the Kremlin, this magnificent and immaculate building stands majestically surrounded by a square, and besides its grandeur, its remarkable five copper domes dominate the sky. This orthodox temple was built in 1883 by Konstantin Ton, the same architect who designed various buildings in the Kremlin. It was destroyed later under Stalin's orders, in order to build a palace that eventually wasn't built, although they started to rebuild it so that it would become an orthodox building, after the fall of the USSR. The construction was finalised during the year 2000 and it was always inspired by the original construction, although it includes new features such as underground parking. We recommend you to go inside (it closes at 5pm) to admire the beautiful frescos, and to go up in its famous lift from where you'll see the sky from another point of view. You can visit its museum from 10am to 6pm so that you can find out about the religion and orthodox culture first hand. Incidentally, you can see this building from anywhere in the city, which is an example of Russian wealth and ostentation.

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