A mix of nine churches which are full of colour and history that will amaze you by their beauty.

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The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed

There is no building that can be compared to this cathedral.

On Red Square, the famous and colourful Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, which is also known as St. Basil's Cathedral, attracts attention, and takes its name from this Saint Basil's tomb, which has been here before the present building was built. This remarkable cathedral that houses nine different churches was constructed under the orders of Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the invasion of Kazan in 1552, and was completed in 1560. The legend has it that Ivan the Terrible blinded its creator, Postnik Yakovlev, so that he couldn't create another construction like this cathedral. Both the famous and ultra-photographed construction and its interior chapels show the intention of the era to reflect the Russian monarchy's absolute power through the architecture. In the beginning, this cathedral was actually white (so that it wouldn't stand out with the rest of the Kremlin), and it's domes were gold as opposed to what we see nowadays, since materials and paint were changing after its complete restoration during the 17th century. Although religious acts are held here on certain public holidays nowadays, the cathedral forms part of Moscow's State Historical Museum. Opposite the cathedral, there is a circular stone platform that used to serve as an altar in the past for outdoor ceremonies on Red Square. This cathedral is also where they used to present the heirs to the throne to the people, and where Ivan the Terrible declared his abdication. Are you going to miss it?

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