Besides the diamond fund, you'll find unique pieces in this Kremlin museum.

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The Kremlin Armoury

Jewels of the tsars.

The white stones of this building's facade which was built by Konstantin Ton between 1844 and 1851, will take you to the old Russian palaces of ancient times, like the high ceilings inside the building, as you can admire objects that date back to the 12th century. You can enjoy the tsar's most valuable treasures of different periods such as their collection of more than 4,000 objects and their jewels like the beautiful Monomakh crown which was used to coronate all tsars up to 1682. If you're a horse riding lover, you'll find beautiful saddles and coaches, as well as harnesses and equestrian pieces. Discover these treasures that belonged to the tsars and their families, among which you'll find gifts that ambassadors gave them such as weapons, carriages, and ornamental objects made of silver and gold by local artisans. You can't miss this!

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