The Russian Diamond Fund in the Kremlin Armoury

A fifteen-minute visit and you'll leave here amazed by the diamond fund and precious stones that this place houses.

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The Russian Diamond Fund in the Kremlin Armoury

Diamonds on exhibition.

If you have the time (although the visit barely lasts around 15 minutes), we recommend you to go inside to see the wonderful precious stones exhibited in glass cabinets, and among their strong security measures. This was initially developed as a temporary exhibition, but then it was decided to maintain it in two of the museum's rooms following its great success. This fabulous collection of jewels belonged to the Russian state, instead of the different families that governed the country. The collection, which accumulated with Peter the Great in St. Petersburg was carried out as a result of declaring that the jewels being collected for exhibition could never be sold or given away. During the war, the collection was moved to the Kremlin where it remained until it a decision was made for the pieces to be auctioned in Christie's during recent years. After the fall of communism, the fund was opened to the public up to the present day with very valuable objects such as Catherine the Great's luxurious crown (the Great Imperial Crown); the world's largest sapphire; the famous Orlov and Shakh diamonds, as well as a large quantity of beautiful eggs by Fabergé.

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