Victoria Park and Poklonnaya Hill

This is an important place for the city, as well as being somewhere to relax on the grass.

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Victoria Park and Poklonnaya Hill

A historic place.

In Moscow, being a city which is steeped in history in all parts, it's difficult to find a place where no important event had occurred or has been commemorated. At the Park Pobedy metro station, you'll find this park built as a large monument to commemorate the outdoors, so that tourists and residents remember the great Russian victory of the Great Patriotic War. You'll find the war museum here made up of five terraces to symbolize five years of war, as well as 1,418 fountains to represent the number of days the war lasted. Don't miss Victory Square, the monument of St. George slaying a dragon, as well as three different temples: the synagogue; the orthodox temple, and the mosque, to reflect the unity of all religions in the country. Although a memorial in honour of the Russian victory had been thought of previously, it wasn't until 1995 until the idea was carried out.

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