The little local boats contrast with the luxury of large yachts.

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Port Lympia - The Port of Nice

Strolling along beside the sea

A good coastal city that takes pride in itself must have a large port, and Nice wasn't going to have anything less. Port Lympia was built in 1745, and it has been one of the city's economical driving forces: not only for the transportation of goods, but also for its bustling tourist and sports activities, making it one of the most visited in the whole of France. The esplanade lets you walk as far as the large forum and lets you see how the little local boats, of which many are painted with the colours of the French flag, contrast with the luxury yachts that dock here, and needless to say in relation to the cruise ships that arrive from different parts of the Mediterranean. The smell of the sea is unmistakable. At one of the far ends, you'll find the famous Place île de Beauté, where the beautiful, and neoclassic-style church stands named Notre Dame du Port.

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