Dough covered with onion, anchovies and black olives. A symbol of the city.

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To Taste a Pissaladière

Little healthy snacks

Gastronomy in Nice is based on the best Mediterranean food, so the dishes are made of first class healthy produce. Pissaladière is a good example of this: this dish is flour dough covered by a generous layer of candied onion, and another layer of anchovies called pissala from where its name came from. It's also seasoned with different spices which give it its characteristic flavour, and decorated with black olives before it's baked in the oven with the objective being that the base is moderately crispy; and no, although it seems like a pizza, it doesn't have tomato or cheese. We are talking about one of the most typical dishes from Nice, which is possible to find in any restaurant. As you can see, they are fresh products which are combined just right to create an unbeatable combination. These will be little tasty snacks!

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