Are you travelling in a group? Do you all want to try everything and share dishes? You can do this in Oran too.

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If a group of you is planning to go out for a meal and you all want to taste as many Algerian dishes as possible, we suggest ordering some dishes to share as a taster; for example, a selection of starters that you can order either as an aperitif or as a starter, the perfect choice for discovering more of the country’s culinary tradition. It will be an explosion of flavours! Chermoula, for example, is a very typical seasoning which accompanies fish and seafood, made from the main spices of the area. Dolma, another dish, is a type of leaf which is served stuffed with a succulent mixture of rice, onion, peppers, pine nuts, some meat and each restaurant’s secret ingredients, so its flavour varies depending on where you try it. Finally, kebda will delight the most adventurous palates: liver stuffed with garlic and spices, with a seriously intense flavour. Enjoy!

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