On your visit, don't miss the room dedicated to the War of Independence. It is really impressive.

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Ahmed Zabana Museum

Roots uncovered

This centre is named after Ahmed Zabana, one of the best-remembered fighters of the Algerian War of Independence. It is one of the main museums in the city and its principal aim is to safeguard the city’s own identity, culture and roots; for this reason there are several rooms tracing the history of art in Algeria: this fascinating journey shows the different influences that have left their mark on the country and on the city, and explains why there is such eclecticism. From the autochthonous African Berber tribes of the local area to Spanish and French influences, as well as the Muslims who came from modern-day Turkey and the neighbouring Mediterranean coasts. All of them have shaped a state with its own distinct heterogeneous culture. The most important room in the museum is dedicated to the War of Independence, definitely the most important historical event of the country’s contemporary history.

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