Oran's main sporting arena has a capacity of over forty thousand.

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Ahmed Zabana Stadium

Its enormous!

This stadium is the main sporting arena in the city and the home of the Mouloudia d’Oran Club, one of the country’s most important football teams. The Ahmed Zabana stadium has a capacity of over forty thousand spectators, and is significant for two different reasons: on the one hand, because with its construction Oran sought to show that it was a modern, state-of-the-art city; on the other, because Oran had respected sporting activities which needed accommodating. In fact, this space was built for a multitude of sporting events, among which stand out handball and athletics; it is, therefore, no coincidence that the Mouloudia handball club has an enviable track record. It is a club with deep roots, particularly because it was founded by nationalist activists who managed, as a way of protesting, to challenge other European countries on the court during the period of French occupation

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