Algerians always round off their meals with a cup of tea and a traditional sweet. Will you do the same?

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Algerian sweets and teas

Traditional sweets

In Algeria there are two basic things you need to know when it comes to the gastronomy: firstly, that a meal time is a ritual, a time when the details are important, particularly if it is a social meal or a meal eaten in public; secondly, that tea-drinking is as important as the main course. Or, who are we kidding, even more important. So, the preparation and procedure of tea-drinking will show you one of the many gastronomic wonders of Oran. Tea is usually accompanied by traditional, local sweets: the most popular are samsa and hrisa, really delicious pastries made from dates and semolina. Almonds and honey are common ingredients used in preparing all these dishes; they are used as an ingredient not only in puddings but also in main courses.

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