Whether to the south or north of Oran, the wealth of nature in Algeria is incredible.

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Walking among animals

Oran and its surrounding areas are hugely attractive for nature lovers, thanks to the natural and geographical diversity which they accommodate. There are numerous organized trips and excursions which will enable you to discover the country’s natural environment. You have two choices: on the one hand, to travel northwards, a wild area where you can go into the woods to see hyenas, foxes, wild cats , boar and, in the more open areas, wild horses and goats. In fact, with a little luck and a good guide, you will discover the secret places where the macaques hide; on the other hand, you can also go south, a more desert area where you will find hyenas and jackals, but, above all, white dromedaries and camels. These are wild animals that continue to live within their own ecosystem. They are a true symbol of the country.

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