The common denominator of the local gastronomy is a spicy, characteristic flavour.

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Chorba or the Ramadam diet

Seasonings rule!

There is one local recipe that is particularly typical and which is eaten especially during Ramadan: chorba. It is a stew made from local vegetables to which lamb is added, although depending on the area, this may also be mixed with chicken. As with the great majority of Algerian and African dishes, it is highly seasoned, including, in particular, garlic, pepper, parsley and other herbs and spices from the area, giving it a truly individual flavour. It has a very characteristic taste which delights even the most demanding palates. Kemia is similar to chorba and is made from sardines, with the addition of carrot, tomato and pinto beans. What a great combination! Oran’s gastronomic tradition is so deeply rooted that it is easy to find restaurants where you can eat traditional meals at good prices and enjoy the authentic flavour of the Maghreb.

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