They are notable for their peace, their design and, above all, their beauty. A perfect place for a stroll.

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Ibn Badis Promenade Gardens

A breathe of fresh air

The gardens of Promenade Ibn Badis have the honour of being the oldest gardens in all the Maghreb and, moreover, a truly special spot, of exceptional beauty, in Oran. They act like the green lungs of the city, as the Algerian city is not known for its abundance of parks. These gardens were built during the French period just over 180 years ago; however, not much is known about the exact date or any other information which would shed light on their construction, which is rather curious considering that there is detailed documentation on other places which were built earlier, such as the mosque or Fort Santa Cruz. In any case, it is symbolic of the initiative to introduce into Oran one of the most distinguished European urban forms, wooded areas, which during the XIX century were created in many cities of the old continent. They are, without a doubt, a perfect place to wander and relax surrounded by nature.

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