This fountain, hidden in a park, was one of the main sources of running water sources in Oran.

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La Fontaine d'Aucour

A symbol of the French legacy

The French invasion of the country did not bring with it only conflict between the two cultures, but also lengthy periods of peace, co-existence and many improvements to Algerian cities, Oran amongst them. A large part of the urban changes made in the city still exist today and, in some cases, are still in operation. Some of these have even become symbols of the city: and this is the case for the Fontaine d’Aucour (Aucour Fountain), one of the city’s two main sources of running water during the XVIII century. These constructions took water from the riverbed to the top of the San Felipe Castle and meant a genuine drinking water supply system for the whole city, an improvement with massive benefits for all the inhabitants. You can still visit the fountain today, half hidden in the park that surrounds it. A piece of living history!

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